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A laceration is a deep cut, tear, or scratch that can occur in the skin, muscles, tissues, and more. Unlike more minor scrapes and injuries, lacerations are often serious and require medical attention to safely and properly treat. Laceration repair is a procedure that can be used to help approach the treatment of traumatic cuts in a way that helps to reduce scarring and promote a smooth healing process for patients.

“Getting severe lacerations treated by a medical professional is not only recommended, but often necessary to avoid long-term tissue damage, excessive bleeding, and prevents further damage from occurring.”

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Did you know you can visit a plastic surgeon for this type of treatment? Because plastic surgeons focus so heavily on treatments that aim to deliver not just a comfortable healing procedure, but aesthetically pleasing results, an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kolker is the most ideal for laceration repair.

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Injuries can occur to anyone at any age. Laceration repair, unlike elective cosmetic surgery, can be performed on patients under 18 to treat wounds like scratches, cuts, and tears in certain areas. Children have more delicate skin, but can often bounce back and see minimal scarring when the procedure is performed carefully and precisely.

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Wounds must be treated to ensure they heal properly and to help reduce the chance of scarring or complications during the healing process. The procedure can be performed on patients of any age but should be regarded with extra care when the patient is a child or teen.

These types of cases should always be handled by a doctor who understands how delicate these wounds can be for younger patients and considers how it will heal and affect their appearance over time. When you arrive at Dr. Kolker’s office, the first thing he will do is assess the laceration and begin cleaning and preparing it for closure. There are different methods that can be used to achieve the final result.

This can vary based on the patient’s choice, as well as how long it has been since the initial incident and the length, depth, or width of the laceration. Typically, these options include non-surgical and surgical options, such as sutures, tissue adhesives, staples, and skin-closure tape. In children, tissue adhesives have shown excellent results in areas of low-tension, such as the face.

After your procedure, your wound will be dressed and you will be given instruction to follow over the next few days and weeks. To ensure a smooth recovery, it’s typically recommended that you avoid strenuous activity and putting any unnecessary strain or pressure on the treated area. If you are prescribed antibiotics or pain medication, take it as directed. Your surgeon will advise if and when you need to return. The wound should heal over the next several weeks to months.

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