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There are various vascular lesions including port-wine stains, leg veins, and spider veins that can be effectively treated by VascuLaze. The appearance of these veins can cause individuals to feel uncomfortable or unattractive, prompting them to seek effective treatment options. Lesions or spider veins can appear extremely visible.

VascuLaze treatments work to improve the appearance of various veins in the face and legs. It uses enhanced technology designed with enhanced power that invades the hemoglobin, VascuLaze allows safe and optimal treatment efficacy. The laser targets the blood vessel that produces the lesions. The device has a uniquely constructed head that identifies networks of veins to ensure the precision and safety of treatments.

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VascuLaze delivers several quality benefits that make it valuable for patients to seek this treatment option. It is recommended you consider the advice of your treatment provider before making a final decision on any laser treatments. Their experience and knowledge permits them to offer quality suggestions regarding which method is most effective for you. The most valuable benefits include:

VascuLaze in New York is effective in healing veins. It helps diminish the pressure that makes them appear more bulbous. VascuLaze is not effective in the treatment of varicose veins but can effectively treat vascular problems of the following:

  • Arm area
  • Lower leg area
  • Back of thighs
  • Upper thigh area
  • Facial area

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Prior to treatment, a local anesthetic may be applied to the treatment area. Most patients experience a tingling sensation or a snap while the beam penetrates the vein. While the cooling system helps eliminate feelings of discomfort, anesthesia helps numb the area of treatment.

Patients will experience different results after receiving VascuLaze treatments. Most treatments require 3 sessions, while some lesions will only respond to more treatments. Slight improvements may be noticeable after the initial treatment. The skin may appear clearer and smoother on the surface of treatment. An assessment of the area will allow the treatment specialist to suggest the number of treatments you may need.

Post VascuLaze Treatment Care

VascuLaze treatments can be performed in approximately 30-45 minutes. Following each treatment, refrain from lifting heavy objects to prevent increasing blood flow. Recovery times vary, but you should be able to resume normal activities within a few days.

Immediately following your session, slight bruising, redness, and swelling may occur. These symptoms should diminish within 10 days. Compression material can help promote blood circulation for maximum healing. Avoid exposure to the sun, and apply sunscreen regularly to the area of treatment. In the initial consultation with Dr. Kolker, he will discuss realistic expectations and recommend the best course of treatment to deliver the highest quality of results to meet your needs. It is likely that you will develop more spider veins as time passes. Therefore, follow-up treatments may be necessary in a few years.

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