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Forma is the innovative “lunch break” procedure that enhances the skin’s appearance. The treatment goal is smooth and radiant skin. Patients find it to be a cost-friendly alternative to other treatments that generate similar results but are more expensive.

Radio-frequency technology delivers optimum contraction deep within the skin layers. The energy from the technology motivates collagen to form and improves the pliability of the skin. The Forma procedure was created after the successful clinical production of the registered A.C.E. (Acquire, Control, Extend) technology which also implements radio-frequency energy to zone in on deep skin layers. During this process, each area is adequately treated to ensure consistent and quality results.

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Patients who desire a non-invasive procedure to improve their skin tone and approach any irregularities with the texture of their skin may consider a Forma treatment. It is appropriate for all types of skin and works to produce a radiant appearance with a smooth finish. If your desire is to have healthy looking skin with fewer wrinkles and enhanced definition of the appearance, Forma may be the option you need.

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