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The key to flawless skin is a well-managed, comprehensive skincare program. A complement of professional bespoke treatments along with a tailored skincare regimen will produce the most significant and rewarding results.

Medical Aesthetic services are performed in Dr. Kolker's Park Avenue office, by a licensed medical aesthetician, and can take as little as 30 minutes while luxury treatments can be enjoyed for up to 2 hours, with little to no downtime.

More in-depth treatments, such as ablative lasers, Botox®, Restylane®, Juvederm® and other injectible treatments are performed personally by Dr. Kolker.

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  • All Skin Types

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Medical Facials & Services

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The best cosmetic treatment is one that is completely tailored to your anatomy, particular areas of concern, and your unique desires.

Our clinical facial treatments are completely customized for your skin’s needs with the perfect balance of medical science and technology. Our aesthetician will provide you with a consultation followed by a treatment plan to have an immediate impact on your skin. All of our clinical facial treatments are designed to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and remove impurities from the skin leaving you with a radiant complexion. Facial treatments can also be combined with chemical peels, dermaplaning, and oxygen therapy. Frequent facials can enhance your skin’s texture, tone and help reverse signs of aging.

Forma is a non-invasive thermal skin tightening treatment using radiofrequency currents to create deep tissue stimulation. The thermal heating generates immediate and subsequent skin contraction, with the greatest results seen after a series of treatments. This treatment is often is referred to as a “hot stone massage facial” for its warm, calming feel, with the added benefit of skin tightening, a youthful glow and zero downtime.

Microcurrent facials, known as the “natural facelift”, use low voltage technology to contour and sculpt your facial muscles. This wonderfully effective facial treatment will leave your skin lifted, glowing and rejuvenated with no downtime. It is commonly used before an event or party to achieve a more defined, fresh and youthful look that will allow you to put your best face forward.

Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy (BHA) peels are superficial chemical peels that brighten and refresh the skin with little to no down-time. Chemical peels may be used to treat most skin types, and areas with irregular pigmentation, dry spots, acne, or fine wrinkles. Chemical peels are performed by our medical aesthetician and can be combined with or without a facial treatment. Gentler versions of these peel combinations are also a part of the AKMD Skincare line that can be used in your at-home skincare regimen to continually improve the color and texture of your skin. Trichloroacetic acid peels (TCA) are medium-depth chemical peels performed by Dr. Kolker to treat superficial wrinkles, discolorations and other pigment irregularities of the skin. Dr. Kolker and his team will personalize the type and strength of your chemical peel to best suit your needs.

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