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Skin Remodeling is an innovative approach that has been tested and proven to eliminate years from your appearance. The treatment accesses the deepest layers of the skin that other products or treatments don’t reach. It’s a non-invasive procedure that combines ultrasound and micro-current and is executed with the use of a handheld, computer-guided device.

Dr. Kolker is ridiculously talented, and his beautiful, meticulous work has changed my life. There is sometimes a long wait to see him, I know, but it is worth it. I recall that he was all business at the first consultation and didn't seem super friendly, but later in the process I found him to be a really warm person and have a great bedside manner. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

— S.V. / New Jersey

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Skin remodeling is the ideal approach that delivers tighter skin and enhanced texture, both after the initial treatment. Most impressively, a regular schedule can be resumed immediately after treatment. Skin remodeling offers numerous benefits, which makes it an ideal option for many. The most rewarding long-term benefits of skin remodeling include:

Skin remodeling treatments can be administered in 30 minutes or less. It’s a quick procedure, which makes it possible to accommodate almost any scheduled. The results are brilliant and realistic, which makes it a contemporary option for many.

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