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She knows exactly how to fill my needs and keep me looking flawless no matter what.

As a professional makeup artist in NYC, I have always been exposed to and sought out the best of the best when it comes to facials, products, and techniques involving skin. Makeup does not look as good if the skin is not flawless and I finally found an aesthetician and an environment that upholds high standards for maintaining your best face.

Adam Kolker, M.D. and his staff are not only knowledgeable on everything involving skin care and procedures of this nature, they are the most friendly and authentic people you will ever meet. As a business owner, I am very aware of good client service and creating an experience for my clients and I am treated with such openness, courtesy, and warmth every time I step foot into the office. No matter the service, you are always welcomed with open arms and it is very clear the type of environment and people here are all genuinely motivated to make you feel special.

My aesthetician at Dr. Kolker's office has transformed my skin from amazing to flawless. My skin has never looked or felt better and her techniques are repeatedly customized and personalized based on season, hormones (pregnancy and age), and lifestyle. There is always something new I am learning and looking forward to experiencing each time I visit. As my skin changes, so must my regime and she knows exactly how to fill my needs and keep me looking flawless no matter what. I will forever be a client and fan of the wonderful team here no matter what procedure I may choose to have in the future. Many thanks!


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I always look forward to my facial treatments.

A friend, who said 'trust me, just go', referred me to Dr. Kolker's office for facials. The aesthetician always makes my skin look just beautiful regardless of the shape it is in when I enter her room.

Nina knows just what to do to rejuvenate my skin, leaving it looking radiant never irritated. I have been seeing her regularly, once a month, and would never consider going anywhere else. I always look forward to my facial treatments with such excitement! Dr. Kolker's warm, inviting office and kind staff makes the experience even more special. It is so relaxing and luxurious and a lot more intimate than at a spa.


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I always leave not only looking better but feeling like I want to dance out of the office.

I've seen a number of aestheticians and for me it is a dual experience: I want the treatment results and just as importantly I want to feel good about myself, relaxed and not pressured schedule-wise.

She really knows her information and is always open to hearing about new things, she doesn't try to sell a lot of product nor does she make you feel you have to see her regularly - in fact she says right up front she expects her course of treatments will not make it necessary to visit her all the time!

On top of it, she is a lot of fun to be around; her enthusiasm for her work is infectious and I always leave not only looking better but feeling like I want to dance out of the office and down the street.


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After every session, I'm counting down the days until I can go back!

I can only begin to express how pleased and delighted I am to have discovered the facial treatments at Dr. Kolker's office and his amazing products.

I've struggled with sensitive skin and acne for as long as I can remember and had simply given up on the idea that I would ever be happy with my skin. Well, Dr. Kolker's aesthetician proved me wrong. After carefully examining my skin, she came up with a short and long term plan for me. With the help of facials, the occasional peel, and products, I literally feel like I have a new face. She is wonderfully knowledgeable and personable, and it's always an absolutely lovely experience to visit her. Moreover, she never pushes unnecessary products or procedures. I've been so pleased that I've sent friends (with varying skin issues) to her, and they all rave about her. I must add that before I found Dr. Kolker, I had stopped getting facials altogether because every time I went it seemed my skin was worse than before, or I wouldn't want to leave the house for days; however, after a session at Dr. Kolker's, I can immediately return to my daily routine (not to mention I get constant compliments about how I'm 'glowing'). After every session, I'm counting down the days until I can go back!


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She knows EVERYTHING about skincare.

Dr. Kolker’s aesthetician performed me a deep cleansing facial on me that looks and feels absolutely fantastic. More importantly, she took the time to educate me on how to properly maintain my skin. She is facial-literate... she knows EVERYTHING about skincare.

I learned where I had damage, how to reverse it and what combination of products and treatments to use to maintain my skin... She is the expert and people are talking!


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Forma is SO relaxing! Love the results!

What could be bad about a hot stone massage like treatment on your face? That’s how a friend described Forma to me. It’s amazing!

Dr. Kolker’s aesthetician also recommended Forma for a skin tightening and contouring treatment. Using radio frequency, a hot wand is slowly moved along your face for about an hour, and it’s relaxing and soothing and you look like a million dollars afterwards. It looks like you went to the spa and it stimulates your collagen to keep working for you after the treatment is over! Best treatment and it’s pain-free! Thank you Dr. Kolker for your amazing treatments. You always make me feel like a bit of a celebrity when I visit you!


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Dr. Kolker and his aesthetician are just wonderful!

I don’t know how they do it but in just one visit they make all of my problems go away.


Visiting Dr. Adam Kolker's office is always such a sublime experience for me.

He has a beautiful, elegant office on Park Ave-- a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere that makes you feel less like you are in a waiting room (in which you hardly ever have to wait)-- but more like you are lounging at Marie Belle Cacao Salon (sans the chocolate soufflé, of course).

Surrounded by the slightest, gentle scent of jasmine and lilies, when you are at Dr. Kolker's office, you quickly forget the outside world and its pleasures because soon, you are about to indulge in AKMD Skincare treatments and Intense Pulse Light facial rejuvenations that will leave you (and your onlookers) breathless.

I frequent Dr. Kolker's office to be spoiled, pampered, and revamped by his talented licensed clinical aesthetician who is a veritable genius skin scientist, artist, therapist, and aesthetician extraordinaire with a phenomenal ability to make the canvas of your face glow. She holds great expertise regarding skin and always has the most lucrative advice to offer with superb solutions. Whether you desire great looking skin or want to feel pampered, she is the one to go to. She is extremely professional, and comes with a plethora of knowledge regarding all types of skin issues.

Besides her expertise and phenomenal results, one of the top reasons that I come back for more is her caring and tender personality, and the fact that her facials and her treatments always leave me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. She uses top of the line treatments on my skin, making it soft, beautiful, and alluring.

Another person I feel highly compelled to praise is the Director of Patient Services. She is such a knowledgeable, generous, and honest personality. She is a beautiful woman, with a tender heart, with a very intelligent and perceptive mind. She does her job exceedingly well, and always offers advice that is custom designed for the patient. Her advice has led to me a healthy eating and living style. A session with her inspired me to change my life, and take care of myself. Six months later, I am on a great exercise and eating regimen, and have lost several pounds, gained muscle, and feel great. From the professional and sweet etiquette of the receptionists, to the amazing aesthetician and patient director-- Thank you Dr. Kolker for making your staff awesome. (It's the secret to how I look awesome!)


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My secret is Fraxel!

I visit Dr. Kolker throughout the year for various anti-aging treatments and I always make sure to have my Fraxel treatment at least twice a year.

The staff will apply topical numbing ointment about an hour or so before your treatment so you are nice and comfortable. The treatment is pretty quick and Dr. Kolker and his team are really proficient with the lasers. Afterwards you look like you are very flushed to slightly sun burned but the results are beyond incredible! I usually look red and puffy for about 3 days, but then the magic happens!

My face looks so smooth and plump and rejuvenated! It removes the outer layer of dead skin, minimizes sun spots, and leaves you looking so youthful and refreshed! I have been getting so many compliments since I started my fraxel treatments! Dr. Kolker never steers me wrong! I don’t know what I would do without him!


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I have fallen in love with my daily skin care routine.

Not only do AKMD Skincare products feel fabulous and smell delightful, they simply work. My skin has never looked and felt so good.

As a skin product aficionado, I have tried many (many) lines, always searching for the newest and the best. I can say that over the last six months, with my AKMD Skincare regimen my skin has never been more balanced, more clear, more glowing, and more beautiful. My quest is over; I won't use anything else for my skin.


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When I first came to see Dr. Kolker, my skin was a wreck with acne problems and scarring.

After seeing the medical aesthetician for only a few months I immediately saw a change in my skin.

Within 6 months I had 'make up optional' skin and the problems have not come back. She did for me what no dermatologist was ever able to do. It changed my life. Now I actually receive complements about my skin all the time! I also received laser hair removal treatment with Dr. Kolker's office, which was comfortable, and as pain free as possible, and always very professional. Dr. Kolker and his staff are exceptional at everything they do and always professional with their procedures. They always make you feel so calm and comfortable when you visit. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


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Having hormonal issues I have always had a problem with excessive body hair.

I have tried laser hair removal in New York in the past but always found it to be painful with unsuccessful results. Dr. Kolker and his team are extremely knowledgeable, and accommodating.

Not only is their method of laser hair removal been successful, it is practically pain free. I have recommended many people with each person having the same wonderful results as myself.


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I have been a client of Dr. for over 6 months and cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, knowledge and results! Laser hair removal has changed my life and I cannot thank Dr. Kolker, and the staff enough.


I’m very satisfied with the IPL Photofacials I have received at Dr Kolker’s practice for my freckles and sunspots.

His team is very knowledgeable and has given me great results - brighter, even toned skin - after only two visits.


Laser hair removal changed my life!

I’ve always struggled with having thick hair and waxing was painful and awkward. I had been seeing Dr. Kolker’ aesthetician for skin care and after always complaining about ingrowns from waxing, we did a test area with the laser and the rest is history!

After only a few sessions on my bikini and underarms, my hair is 90% gone. Its one of the best decisions I have ever made.


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I love this office.

Everyone here is warm and welcoming and any fears that you have, they are ready to talk you through.

I came here because a recommendation from a friend for their IPL service. Anything with lasers made me really nervous, but my aesthetician, was SO nice and kind.

I've been going here for a few months now and have been really pleased with the way that they have treated me. The office is really nice and clean and the treatment rooms have really nice and plush chairs. They have been very informative and helpful and has provided me really great personalized service!

Since starting my treatments here, my skin has improved significantly. My pores are much smaller and my complexion has really evened out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


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